A new week

First day in K2 and N1 today!

I didn’t get to drop them off in school because I was sick and had to see a doctor in the morning.

Hence photo at pick-up instead.

After Clarissa filled me in on her first day in K2, I asked Allie, “How’s your day in N1?”

She looked at me meaningfully and said, “I drink milk yesterday!”


I was sick since Sunday (yesterday).

I woke up at 5am feeling like my throat is dry. I swallowed my saliva, only to find it a little painful.

It was the start of a sore throat.

I got up, took Vitamin C, danzen as well as a lozenge, hoping I could ward off an impending full-blown cold.

I was already feeling like I was going to have a sore throat the week before, when the husband was in hospital. But I’ve managed to hold it off.

So I went about doing my usual morning stuff thinking (and hoping) it’d not become a full-blown cold.

These two had breakfast on their own while I cleaned up the dining table.

And yes, our place is very messy and there are bags lying around because Clarissa said they are packing for “a camping trip to Cambodia”. 😂

After breakfast, Clarissa took Allie to her room and changed Allie out of her pyjamas and into “sexy” – without me asking her to do so.

She then put Allie in the stroller and covered her with a blanket. 🤣

As the morning went on, I got worse. My back was getting painful and my body was aching. I could hardly walk without feeling like I was bending over.

After the hubs woke up mid-morning, I went off to lie down in bed.. had lunch.. packed the girls’ swimming bag.. and then went back to bed again.

The hubs took the girls to their swimming class with our helper instead.

I took a nap and woke up before the girls got home. And then the girls and the hubs napped while I read my ebook.

When the girls woke up, I dragged myself out of bed to play Monopoly with Clarissa. 😂

A promise made, a promise kept.

The hubs entertained Allie separately because she kept interrupting the game. 😂😂

We played two rounds and I lost both rounds.

I am pleasantly surprised that Clarissa, who is often afraid of losing, plays fair.

When I tried to give her “discounts” because her face fell when she learned she had to pay me $6 in rent, she told me, “No it’s ok! I’ll give you six. We play properly.”

I went back to lie down again while the girls had dinner.

Clarissa wanted to play another round of Monopoly after dinner.

“Mummy, you can lie down and play! Like this!” She demonstrated by lying down on the sofa and pretending to roll a dice. 😂

I had dinner and finally took meds for the headache and back pain and sore throat.

Played another round of Monopoly and lost again lol.

And then I went back to bed while the girls watched Paw Patrol in the living room.

It was a new season with Mighty Pups and Clarissa was so thrilled by it she kept running into the room to tell me the story and asking me to watch the TV from where I was.

It’s so cute and endearing, how she wants to share her excitement with me. 😊

It sucks to be sick on a Sunday, but I hope I’ll be all up and running before the Christmas festivities!