Getting started


My must-have every year, from kikki.K.

I must be one of those very old-school folks who still use a written calendar/diary, and one that has a day on each page.

I have colleagues who actually laughed when they saw how thick my book is.

I don’t actually write on every page, especially on days when I’m out on business trips, since I don’t bring this on my trips. Too heavy. 😂

But I prefer writing my notes during meetings tied to the day of the meeting so it’s easier for me to refer back to them, according to the dates. #boringstuff 😂😂

I’d gone for a haircut at Orchard Gateway, and then I took the train specially to Ion to get this.

I got it at a steal! The usual price was $54.99, but it was going on sale at $30; I signed up for the free membership and suddenly it became $15. So happy (and yes, so auntie).


Said haircut.

(Yes I went shopping for a little bit, but it was all sale, sale, sale and I bought nothing.)

Day 1 of my 1.5-week break.

I spent about an hour to clean up the mess on top of Clarissa’s drawers.

Seeing some of the surface area of the drawer top makes me feel happier.

Day 2 of my 1.5-week break; it was Christmas Eve and a half-day for the girls’ school so I decided to keep them at home so they could help to clean/pack their toys.

Only one of the two girls was really helping. Hahaha.

I re-sorted their toys, took out the “baby” ones to be given away, wiped and cleaned every inch of the the storage boxes and the entire area, and repacked everything.

My FIL dropped by while I was in the midst of cleaning up. He said our previous helper used to clean the toys regularly, why isn’t the current helper doing that?

I wish I know why, but sometimes it’s just easier to do things on my own?

My only wish is that she maintains the space. I’d packed the toys area a few months ago, but it got messy quite quickly because the girls and the helper were all chucking the toys anywhere and everywhere?!

This time, I got the helper to do some of the sorting so that she’d know how to keep the toys in their respective boxes.

Day 1 of WORK.

I couldn’t stand my messy work desk (since a long time ago) but didn’t have the time to organize it. I couldn’t start working until I cleaned up, so I did.


I was literally covered in dust.

The table top was dusty, the cables for the extension cords were covered in at least 10 layers of dust, and even the files and papers had a few layers of dust on them.

The hubs’ instruction to our helper was to “dust and clean the study tables as and when”.. I think she understood it as “as and when I feel like it” and then she didn’t feel like doing it at all? Or perhaps the agency told her that study tables were out of her job scope. 🤷‍♀️


Sometimes it is more challenging to have a helper than not to have a helper.


I sorted out all the documents, receipts and reports from my gynae, and found this note written by the hubs before one of our check-ups for Clarissa.

We had so many doubts and questions but were afraid we might forget to ask Dr Tham about them.. so he wrote them down. :)

Hehe I sent the picture to him and said, “Why we so cute.” 😆

I don’t miss being pregnant, but I’d always remember the anticipation and the joy of expecting the little someone to enter our lives. I very much prefer to see the girls in person, outside of my tummy. 😄😄

And so, I’ve happily thrown away all the documents and receipts from the two pregnancies, and saved only the scans and reports.

Speaking of Dr Tham, I finally went for the followup check which I’d been putting off. His assistant is still as warm and lovely as ever and he is still as funny and friendly as ever.

His assistant asked if we have a “big project” coming and he told us we are still young and can have another one. 😅😂

I showed him the girls’ recent photo and said, “See? They are so big already!” But he said, “Big is 17, 18 years old! They are still small!”

Then I said I’d introduce my friends and sisters to him but he said, “Nah I’m not interested!” 😂😂

Lol I didn’t expect to laugh so much seeing him again after more than a year.

Also found these gems!

I’d kept them in my spare wallet.

We used to have our sisters’ outings every Christmas. We’d go shopping, watch a movie or explore a new place, and then take a neoprint.

There was a year where we even went all the way to Tanglin Mall to experience the fake snow. It was a big deal back then with no Grab and not-so easy access to GoogleMap? We had to figure out which bus to take and how to walk there?

Those were the days! Fond memories. 😊

And, couple neoprints of course.

I wonder if those neoprint machines still exist; these were all probably taken about 15 years ago!


Now I’ve slotted them into the album/standee I’d specially bought for Polaroids and 2R photos. They’re now in my little photo corner. 😄

NOW I guess I’m (quite) ready to start the year!



A healthy lifestyle from Day 1! :)


I laughed so much, watching Allie run after Clarissa and shouting, “Jiejie! Wait wait wait wait wait.. for me!”

She was so focused on running, her words couldn’t catch up as quickly as she ran.


We need to get Auntie O in that third circle. Hahaha.


Selling ice-cream over here.

(So maybe we need to rethink what a healthy lifestyle really means?)


New year dinner at DTF with their Xiao Gu-gu who dropped by to see them.

Their “delicious”/”cheeky”/”hungry” faces, respectively.


Toy’R’us “shelves”-shopping.


And an ice-cream treat on our way home.

Allie was smacking and licking her lips while watching the ice-cream uncle cut up the block of vanilla ice-cream. 😆

It’s going to be a busy few months ahead, with business trips starting next week, and at least one trip a month until May (and two trips in February).

We can do this! 💪💪