Green bean water

Yesterday, Day 2 of Chinese New Year, was a mixed bag of good old family warmth, cranky Allie, annoying people insisting we try for a third baby so we get a boy, us laughing at Allie’s silly antics, and a very long wait at the customs on the drive back to Singapore.

It was also a very hot day, and by the time we got to the hubs’ Godma’s place, back in Singapore, our second and last stop for the day, we had to give the girls a shower so they feel more refreshed.

Still, Allie barely ate her dinner.

We were home before 8, showered the girls again and whisked them off to bed.

I was already nursing a sore throat on the eve of Chinese New Year, and my voice just got worse and worse through the course of CNY. When I woke up this morning, on Day 3 of CNY, I could barely make a sound.

My father-in-law called me in the morning, asking me to get our helper to buy some green beans, boil them and then let the girls drink the water.

He said the weather was very hot yesterday, and the girls must be very “heaty”. The green bean water would help to cool their bodies down. And I could drink it too, since I’ve lost my voice my body must be “heaty” too.

He told me he had already called the hubs and told him about it.

I said ok, I’ll get the helper to buy it later.

I passed by the minimart on my way to get lunch but it totally didn’t cross my mind to get some green beans too.

To be honest I wasn’t planning to do the green bean water thingy. 🙊

I might be able to persuade Clarissa to drink it but I doubt Allie would do it.

My father-in-law called again when the girls were taking their naps.

“Have you bought the green beans?” He asked.

“Erm,” I stammered a little. “Not yet? The girls just fell asleep.” (Which was the truth)

“Aiyah I know you wouldn’t buy. I’ll see if I can get the green beans,” he said, and hung up the call.

And then the girls woke up and while I was sitting with them trying to fix this hello kitty fake-lego structure, my father-in-law appeared at our door with a bag of green beans and some grapes.

It was raining outside and there were drops of water on the shoulder of his shirt.

“Did you eat better today?” He asked Allie. He knew she did not eat properly yesterday.

He handed the bag of green beans to me. “Do you have brown sugar?” He asked.

We don’t.

“Ok, I’ll go and buy some now,” he said and walked back to the door.

I told him I’d get the helper to buy instead, especially since it was raining quite heavily.

“It’s ok, I have an umbrella,” he said and went ahead to let himself out of the door.

But you still got a little wet, pa.

I said, but he was out of earshot.

He came back with two different types of sweeteners – brown sugar and winter melon sweet – and instructed the helper on how to make the green bean water.

Then he carried Clarissa, asked her how heavy she is, put her down, and carried Allie for a bit, taking her to the window to show her how heavy the rain was.

“Ok, I’m going home now,” he announced.

I asked him to stay until the rain subsided.

“You can watch TV,” I suggested.

“It’s ok, I’ll drive slowly,” he said.

With that, the girls and I said goodbye and asked him to drive carefully.

I texted the hubs to tell him about his dad and the green bean water.

“Oh yah he called me this morning and I forgot to tell you!” The hubs said.

I think my father-in-law knows us too well. 😂

That unless he personally does it, we would probably not do it.

If driving 45 minutes just to get green beans delivered to us and braving the rain to get sugar for the green bean water is not love, I don’t know what is.

“Let the girls drink. You can drink too, you’ve got no voice. Lun can drink when he’s back from work. Drink, it’s good,” he reminded me.

This pot says love.
One for Allie, one for Clarissa.
Clarissa gamely drank up.
But Allie went into hiding, flat out refusing to drink any of it.

When my helper and I tried to persuade her, she said no. Yet she said, “I’m good girl! I’m good girl!”

But good girls drink green bean water, we said to her. 😂

“No! Allie good girl!” She insisted.

Daddy came home and managed to persuade her to take 10 sips of the green bean water.

I sent him a text message to my father-in-law asking him if he got home, and also shared the photos to let him know that the girls drank up.

As usual I did not get a response. 😂

But I hope he knows that we know he loves us.

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