A very good weekend!

Started from dinner at my mum’s place on Friday evening.

School was supposed to be closed for a staff retreat, so the hubs and I took leave.

But the retreat was cancelled due to coronavirus and I cancelled my leave because an important meeting came up.

And then the girls had a bit of a runny nose so we kept them out of school on Thursday, and since the hubs was on leave on Friday, we continued to let them stay at home.

Long story short, the hubs decided to take the girls to my mum’s place after their nap so I met them over there.

I must say, it’s nice to have someone fussing over what I eat, once in a while. 😋

The girls had a good shower in the bathtub, and went home in their pjs.

Survivor Season 40!

The girls went to bed without drama (yeah Allie’s monthly sleep regression was back the last two weeks) so we were able to catch up with the recent episodes.

It is so good! Still my favourite reality TV seasons after so long. This season is so good because it has all the returning winners, lots of plot twists and even my favorite player Yul from many many seasons ago.

And then the hubs and I had a good chat (after a small fight lol) until 1am.


Loving the head bands my mum and sis bought for them!

Favorite photo for the day, taken by the hubs!

The plan was for everyone for a haircut! We had lunch at Walking on Sunshine. It’s our first time there; the food is very decent but no, it’s not affiliated with M1. 😂

Happy faces, happy bellies.

“Mummy is a photo-taking monster,” said Clarissa. 😂😆

She’s such a big girl now.

Their regular hairdresser Jiejie asked, “Cut into a bowl shape like last time?”

Hahaha and I said yes!

Guess where we went (again) after our haircut!

The girls napped in the car on our way back,  so we decided to go home so I could pack a change of clothes for them, while they continued sleeping in the car.

It worked out well!

We had snacks and dinner, and Allie asked my mum in her sweetest and most innocent voice, “Waipo can we shower in the bathtub?”

And of course my mum said yes and their Ah-ah filled the bathtub for them.

No swimming lessons today so we went to ECP bright and early.

Allie saw Clarissa climbing up and wanted to do the same. We tried to get her to go to the playground for younger children but she wouldn’t have it.

This girl knows no fear.

And for her age, she’s pretty good at climbing. I helped her with her footing for parts that were too steep for her, but otherwise she did it mostly on her own, including pulling herself up.

I had to climb up after her, and boy, it’s not easy!

Well, she had some sense of danger walking through this.

“There’s a hole! My leg will fall inside!” She said as she held onto my hand tightly, taking big strides so she could quickly land on the metal plank.

Clarissa, in the meantime, waited patiently for her sister so they could take the slide down together.

Clarissa to Allie: “Wah you are the youngest person here on this slide!”


Ok, something friendlier for 2.5-year-olds and 5.5-year-olds. 🤣🤣

Swings are always a hit!

I love Clarissa’s smile and Allie’s cheeky face, captured by the hubs.

Daddy took them for a spin!

We walked over to the beach.

Allie stood, and then squatted, rooted to the sand at first, because she didn’t know how to walk on the sand? Lol.

But she warmed up very quickly.

We didn’t bring any sandcastle-making tools but they had fun all the same.


Love these shots I took!

By now, Allie had sand all over. 🤣🤣

Their little castle/hill.

Such good fun!

I’m glad we made it before it got unbearably hot!

Cleaned the girls up and got them changed before we drove off at around 1030am!

We packed lunch, had lunch, showered the girls and made them nap.

Clarissa slept for a good two hours and woke up just before her English class, while Allie went on to sleep for another (nearly) two hours!

Reunited at dinner lol.

So happy!

Clarissa making sure that Allie drank her water.

Before this she was voluntarily helping to feed her so she wasn’t just eating the rice.

We went straight home after dinner, just in time to reach home when my FIL and SIL got here!

My FIL bought lots of foodstuff for us as usual. Allie happily let him carry her for most of the walk home. 😄

What a nice way to round up the weekend!