A break from multitasking

Posting my mini reflection here so I have a reference in future.

I have not done much springcleaning or resting or binge-watching over the past week.

But I guess if the objective is to take a break from multitasking and to do nothing in particular, it has been met.

I’ve not gained any new perspective about my current work situation, except that:

1) Some people pretend not to know things they already know, and they have no qualms about lying

2) People don’t change no matter how far they’ve risen up the ranks

3) I need to (dis)regard them like they are just.. fart.

Farts are loud, smelly, gross and disgusting at times. Sometimes they are necessary.. but more importantly, they go away eventually. In fact they dissipate faster if you let them go and air them quickly.

There, I have it. My little revelation.

I should stop wasting my time and emotions getting annoyed. But if I do feel anything at all, I shouldn’t bottle it up.

I feel all sorts of injustice but I probably should treat it like I’m watching a drama serial.

1) The bad guys always seem to win at first. But good will always triumph, right? Right.

2) It’s just a show. Don’t need to get too involved.

Emotional distancing, please.

PS: On a somewhat related note, we were having our usual bedtime chitchat today and the hubs said he had nothing happy to share (he literally worked from 9 to 9 today).

“I’m upset because I got so much work to do. I hate my job and I hate my boss,” he grumbled to Clarissa.

I usually make him share at least one happy thing (because I think kids need to learn to feel thankful even on a bad day) but tonight I let him be, because his job really sucks. πŸ˜‚

“Hey that’s not a nice thing to say,” Clarissa chided him gently. “You cannot say you hate someone.”

The hubs and I laughed, but Clarissa continued, “When the Covid-19 ends, you must go and say sorry to your boss, ok?”


I love this girl so, so much.

(Sharing this cute and funny little snippet here since it’s not that wise to share on other social media platforms. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚)

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