It’s 430am now and I’m half awake.

30 minutes ago, I heard the door swinging open and someone walking into the room. Suddenly that someone started crying on the bed.

I thought it was Clarissa who walked in and asked her what was wrong but she continued crying.

I got up, walked to her side of the bed and picked her up, and wondered why she felt smaller and lighter.. only to realise I’d picked up Allie instead.

It was Allie who’d walked into the room, squeezed herself beside Clarissa and started crying.

Clarissa was sound asleep in her bed, with me tonight.

For the past week, Allie has been sleeping in Clarissa’s bed, with me sleeping on the mattress beside her bed. Clarissa has been sleeping with her Daddy in our bedroom, since I cannot swim with both girls rolling off the beds onto the mattress and onto me.

But tonight I was out at my friend’s place for dinner and came home 5 minutes after Allie’s bedtime. She’d reluctantly gone to sleep in her own bedroom with my helper.

Clarissa happily took back her own bed, with me sleeping on the mattress beside her bed.

I guess when you are suddenly jolted awake at 4am, you get confused.

So I thought I was with Allie like I was the past few nights and somehow Clarissa walked into the room crying. 😂

It took me a while to calm Allie down and to understand the situation.

My helper was up due to Allie’s crying and she told me Allie actually asked her to wake her up “when Mummy comes back”. I guess she got mad when she realised I was back but no one informed her. 😂

We went back to Clarissa’s room and Allie insisted on sleeping in Clarissa’s bed. I tried persuading her to sleep on the cot bed or the mattress but she refused to and started crying again.

I had no choice but to carry Clarissa from her bed to the cot bed so that Allie could sleep in the bed.

It’s a good thing Clarissa has slept through the entire drama, but I think she’s going to be so confused when she wakes up in the morning. 😂

It’s kinda funny, and kinda endearing to have Allie deciding on her own, where and with whom she wants to sleep.

I guess we have to see how it goes for another week or so before we decide on the bedroom and sleeping arrangements moving forward.

The boss and the driver of her own sleeping arrangement 😆😆