For the record

Before I know it, a month has passed since my previous update.

The thing about working from home is that the hours are so long and there is almost no mental break transiting from work to home and home to work.

Sometimes I pause when there is a noteworthy moment, where I feel all sorts of emotions.. but the moment passes and I’ve not found the time to write about it.

Such as, how Clarissa is such a little trooper.

I know she feels somewhat stressed out by her English class, but she pushes on “because I know Mummy wants me to learn”.

There have been two Sundays so far where she had to attend two English classes (one replacement and one regular class) with only an hour’s break in between.

She ate her lunch like a champion during the first session. Napped for all of 10 minutes during the break.

She took a long time to fall asleep and eventually did when it was almost time for the second session. It was such a dilemma for me. I felt bad waking her up.

I felt even worse when she roused from her nap and smiled at me.

“Lesson time,” I said to her gently.

“Ok, Mummy,” she said to me, and got up.

She paid attention throughout the zoom sessions, tried her best to read the passages and to answer questions.

I feel so proud and so lucky to have her.

And then, at night she’s like a little girl all over again, asking for massages, cuddles and ‘finding the spot” to fall asleep.

It’s so endearing.

And there’s milo-loving Allie with her funny antics and the funny things she says.

We asked her who’s fiercer, Daddy or Ah-gong?

She said “Daddy”, “because Daddy always scolds me”.. complete with a small and sad voice. 😂

Yet when she got an insect bite and Daddy applied cream for her, she beamed and declared, “My Daddy is so good at putting cream for me!”

It’s such a.. long sentence for her to say.

I’m utterly amused by her conversations with her Yaya.

She told her Yaya, “We must eat vegetables to be healthy.”

Her Yaya took the opportunity to say she’s right and therefore she should eat her vegetables.

But she said, “No, I eat French fries. Fries fries is vegetables.”



I love this girl so much.

I love that she’s not all about being sassy and naughty, but she has the right amount of sweetness.. like when she saw these plasters on my wrist, she asked, “Why, Mummy? What happened?”

I told her I injured my wrist, maybe because I was carrying her too much.

She touched my wrist and then extended her arms to give me a big hug.

I feel so blessed, really.

Also happy to be on leave last Friday, and to have a good brunch date with the hubs.

We headed to the salon thereafter. He had a haircut while I got my rebonding re-done and my hair colored.

It took wayyyyyy longer than expected and I had such a terrible neck/shoulder ache and headache that night.

But I’m thankful for the day off and for the hubs who waited for me.

Note to self

This shall be my mantra at work for the rest of this month and the month after.

I should right-size my reactions and energy so that I can focus on the things and people who really matter.


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