Sweet Allie

At bedtime tonight we said good night to Allie, left the room and went to Clarissa’s room, only to hear a knock on the door a minute later.

“I want to sleep here with Mummy tonight,” she said in a small voice.

We’re now quite used to her change in mind on sleeping arrangements so I said ok, and Clarissa went off to sleep in the master bedroom with Daddy instead.

Just as we settled in bed, Allie asked, “Who’s sleeping with Yaya?”

I told her no one is.

She said no, Jiejie is sleeping with Yaya.

I said no, Jiejie is sleeping with Daddy. She went to Daddy and Mummy’s room, remember?

She looked upset and insisted that Jiejie was with Yaya.

I told her again that there was no one with Yaya.

She got out of bed and said, “I go check.”

So she walked to her room and made me turn on the lights.

Sure enough, Jiejie wasn’t in the room with Yaya.

Allie started looking really sad again and went to sit on her own bed.

“So who are you sleeping with tonight?” I asked her gently. “You can come with Mummy you know.”

She stood up and came over to give me a hug, still looking sad and torn. And then she went back to sit down on her bed.


She must have taken it to heart when her Yaya says she’s so sad about sleeping alone.

Since she’s always zooming around, I sometimes wonder if she’d pause to think and empathise.

I guess she does.