My birthday weekend started early on Friday because it was Teacher’s Day and school was closed.

The plan was to take the girls to ride a pony at the Gallop Stable.

The weather hasn’t been too stable recently so we told Clarissa to pray for no rain, which she did, in her adorably “auntie” way.

“Please don’t rain, please please please,” She prayed the night before, and again in the morning after she woke up.

The weather turned out fine (very hot, in fact) and the girls had a great experience riding the pony!

It only started drizzling when we left the stable. How lucky are we! 😄

Lunch was at The Forage Cafe. The hubs found this place. Food is awesome!

Though Allie ate only fries 😅😂
📷: Clarissa

Also Clarissa (after reviewing the photo she took): “Is it ok if there’s a little girl looking at you?” 😆

We managed to squeeze in some playground time after their nap.. before it rained again.

Allie the self-declared Ninja Warrior was not happy. 😂

Saturday came and we started with cupcakes my dear friend sent the day before!

Oh, Allie. 😄
Cupcakes for breakfast!

And then it was Saturday as usual. The girls had classes, lunch and nap.

It rained almost the entire day, so it was cool and breezy. Can’t help but feel lucky (again) about yesterday’s good weather for pony-riding.

Cute mini cupcakes from another dear friend! ❤❤

Lol and we even managed to do her homework after she got up from her nap.

Dinner at my mum’s place 😍😋

My mum cooked up a storm. She made everyone’s favorite dishes. Steamed egg for Allie, fries for the girls, chicken wings for me, prawns and curry for my sisters, etc, etc. And red eggs for me.

We took turns to eat, but whenever someone new came to the table, they would ask, “You ate already?”

There was so much food on each plate they looked like they hadn’t been touched yet. 🤣

My favorite picture of the night.
And this.
And this.

And many more.

The hubs got a yam cake from Pine Garden, because I like yam. 😄

My birthday present from the hubs lol.

It’s a very thoughtful and practical gift because my wrist has been feeling awkward.

What a nice birthday to receive love and warm wishes, and to be able to spend time with all my loved ones.

I feel really, really blessed. ❤

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