A different kind of vacation

Staycation at Shangri-la Hotel.
Used the Rediscover Singapore vouchers to, well, rediscover Singapore.
Our two explorers.
One of many dates with Clarissa, who has stopped going to school since mid December. She tells me how “I really like going on dates with you, Mummy”. ❤❤ Me too.
Starbucks has become our happy place.
Also spent time cleaning up, reorganizing and making space for the new school term.
The day we ran out of ideas on things to do and decided to paint.
Went rock-climbing for the first time with this brave girl who rocked the rock-climbing wall. 😘
Pouting because she wanted to keep playing but she kept winning. 🤣
My sassy Santarina who was sitting in the toy stroller because she didn’t want to show me how short her dress looked on her.
And then it’s Christmas.

Yes, Chinese costume for Christmas because that’s what happens when you let your kids decide on their own outfits and one of them decides that blue is for Elsa and Chinese kungfu is cool.

And then someone preferred her sister’s Christmas Chase instead of her own Chase.
Nothing fancy, just swimming at Wai-po’s place and they had so much fun. Called themselves the Pink Superhero and Yellow Superhero.
Weekday lunch at a coffee shop with this one who eats so heartily my heart wants to sing. ❤❤
And here’s our cheeky baby enjoying an ice-cream treat on a playdate with mates we should have been in Hokkaido with.

So I have been on leave for the past 2 weeks + 2 days before returning to work (albeit from home) yesterday.

It has only crossed my mind, now that Tuesday is almost over, to write something.

I think I’ve taken a pretty good break from work, not really checking emails, and staying out of things as much as possible.

Yet I haven’t had much mindspace to think or write or rest, because there’s just something going on everyday. I might have over-done the outings and activities, because my old bones are aching and I feel like I need a vacation to recover from this vacation.

Still, I kinda love being at home (as in, not out of the country) spring-cleaning the house, preparing Clarissa for Primary One, playing tourists in our own home, playdates, breakfast dates, shooing dates, experiencing new things with the girls, and spending time with family and friends.

A very different kind of vacation for a very odd kind of year.

Sometimes I feel like I stuck in limbo, and yet the year has almost flown past, just like that.

What an extraordinary (a nicer word for “weird”) year it has been.

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