1, 23 and Happy 11.

Since our wedding anniversary falls on a Saturday this year, we took leave on Friday to spend some couple time together.

Took my off-shoulder dress out to play! 😄

Lunch at Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant
Brought us back to Osaka momentarily.
Went shopping for a new laptop for the hubs and dropped by Seoul for a bit.

It’s been a while since we went shopping together. Grocery and furniture shopping does not count.

I had so much fun trying clothes at my favourite shop. 😄

We shopped until it was time to pick Clarissa up, got some donuts and drove to the student centre.

📷: Trustworthy Clarissa ❤❤

No IG-worthy background, but more than IG-worthy smiles. 😆

After the girls went to bed, we watched an episode of True Beauty, waited for the clock to strike 12, wished each other a happy anniversary and went to bed.

Actual day of wedding anniversary started at 630am, when Clarissa and Allison came into the room.

Had a Meet the Parents session via Zoom, took Clarissa to Chinese class, took the girls to the gym, came home to nap.. our usual Saturdays!

Instead of heading to my mum’s place, I thought it’d be nice to take the girls out for dinner.

While we were getting changed, the hubs gave me a little bag of.. earrings from one of my favourite shops.

I wasn’t expecting a gift, because he’s already gotten us a Nespresso subscription and the coffee machine that comes with it.

Hehe I decided to get us these mugs to go with our coffee. Decided to be cheeky with the personalisation too.
Coincidentally and telepathically got each other rose gold + stainless steel gifts.

We’ve been together for 16 years now, married for 11.

I finish his sentences; he finishes my food. 😆😘❤

Quick photo before heading out because Allie kept twirling around in this dress which made her feel like a princess. 🤭

And then it started pouring.

I’d made reservations at ps cafe at Ann Siang Hill but when we got into the car, I asked the hubs if we should just go somewhere else.

Hahaha I didn’t want a repeat of New Year Day. It was literally pouring but we went ahead with our brunch plan at Grub (another bistro located in the middle of a park) and I got so drenched despite having umbrellas.

We discussed about where to head to (Criteria: sheltered, and “with air con” – added Clarissa) and Jewel came up.

So Jewel it is!

Dinner at Prive!

Food was decent, not super fantastic but girls ate so heartily. The location was great! Right beside the canopy park and with ample space outside for the girls to run around when they were done eating.

After dinner, we walked around (this place is huge!) until the girls decided to actually sit down to watch the “change colour fountain”.

Lol Clarissa took photos of all the different colours of the fountain.. while Allie was just in awe and shouted every time someone’s favourite colour came up. 😆

“Best day ever!” According to Clarissa.

And I couldn’t agree more.

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