Would you rather..

A) Have flexible working hours but lousy team, OR B) Have a great team but are expected to work at least 12 hours a day?

A) Be in the good books of your big boss but work at at least 12 hours a day, OR B) Have flexible working hours but poor relationship with your big boss?

A) Stay at level with people wondering why you’re not promoted, OR B) Get a promotion with you yourself wondering how you got there?

A) Be able to spend time with your kids but make just enough money, OR B) Make more money for your kids but not be able to spend time with them?

A) Have prolific work credentials but be an absent parent, OR B) Be a present parent but no major career achievements to shout for?

There are no right or wrong answers to these. What might be an obvious choice to one, might not be an easy decision to others.

I struggled for some time to come to terms with what I can and cannot control, and what’s truly important to me.

I know that the choices we have and make in life aren’t always binary. I know we would have the strength to find the compromise and make it work somehow. I know there is a season for each pursue we have in life.

I “should” have climbed up the ranks, I “should” earn $X, I “should” attain a certain title because I am n years old or n years in the company.

But what if I haven’t?

Who sets that expectation and who is to judge?

At the end of the day, it boils down to what’s most important to me, and remaining steadfast about it regardless of what or where I “should” be doing or going.

Of course it’s easier said than done, but I guess the pursuit of happiness is also about learning to make peace with the opportunity cost of choices we make.

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