“Love myself”: Compressed version

Looking back at past blog entries reminded me of the self-imposed “love myself campaigns” which entailed me taking a week off work to do nothing in particular.

It was a luxury then, and even more of a luxury now.

So as part of the celebrations for my birthday this year, I decided to take a random Wednesday off to “love myself”.. No luxury of taking a week off or going for a super long weekend because there are meetings I need to attend on other days of the week.

I was up at 6am as usual, got Clarissa ready for school, woke the hubs up, got Allie ready for school, prepared and had breakfast.. and then I watched an episode of Hospital Playlist, which would get my vote for best K-drama this year.

Hospital Playlist S2 E9

It was good.

Replied some work messages on my phone in between K-drama and lunchtime.. and decided to indulge in some Mos Burger. 🤣

Early lunch!

And then I got changed and got myself out of the house for my planned shopping trip to Ion.

I already knew what I wanted to get, so..
In and out of the store in less than 20 minutes.

I’ve already done all my research and zoomed in on the wallet I want.. The SA showed me all the colors available and I ended up picking the color I didn’t see beforehand but really, really love. ❤

Then I went around trying all the bags I was eyeing before.. but left the store with just the wallet. 😎

Went on to T&C and LV to look at earrings and bags.. but didn’t feel a lot of love or impulse to buy.

Went shopping!

And deliberately picked styles I normally wouldn’t wear. Left empty-handed (but happy, because Happiness is an inside job, they said).

Bought bread for breakfast tomorrow (mummy priorities) and decided I was done for the day.


This used to be one of my favourite cafes. But nothing tasted familiar now.

Oh well. It’s been months since I sat in a cafe. So I’m still happy!

Spent time just people watching and chatting with my sisters on WhatsApp before it was time to go, pick Clarissa up and head home together.

Yay to Grab wefies!

Got home, and it was our usual routine all over again. ❤

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