Dear Clarissa

You turn seven today, and just like I do every year, I continue to marvel at how much you’ve grown.

You are such a sweet and sensible girl I sometimes wonder who the adult is. Frowning at me and turning on the lights for me when you catch me working in the dark. Frowning at me and reminding me to blow-dry my hair lest I catch a cold. Frowning at me and pointing at my work diary to remind me that the meeting has overrun and I need to finish up soon.

You still love hugs and TLC and bedtime stories. You take very good care of Allie, even though you often bicker with her too.

You love reading essays and funny stories, although TV is still your one true love. Your interests are very broad – from My Little Pony, Masterchef, Magic, Beast Master (lol) to Korean dramas (yay).

I love our chit-chats and conversations because you often put things in a different light for me. You also make me go out of my comfort zone by asking me to do things like taking part in a Chinese story-telling competition with you. We came in third! But regardless of the outcome, I am so proud of you.

It’s been yet another birthday of no travel and xx-phase of the Covid situation. Last night you told me what you wished for before you blew out the candle. It was for Covid-19 to be over. This says so much about you and your caring nature.

I only wish for you to be healthy and happy.

Love you the most,
Mummy. ❤

As usual, you already had ideas on what you wanted to do on your birthday.

This is the first year where you don’t get to celebrate with your friends in school so you wanted to have your own cake.

The thing about having your birthday 4 days apart from your little sister is that your parents tend to make it a joint birthday celebration. 😆 Since Allie would still get her own cake for her celebration in school this year, I think it’s a fair request.

But when Allie insisted on sitting with you in front of the cake and refused to budge when I asked her to step aside for a moment so I could take a solo photo of you, you were so sweet about it and told me you would take the photo together with her. You said to Allie, “It’s ok we can share. You can have the pink mermaid tail later!” (The pink mermaid tail is the chocolate on the cake lol.)

Grub for breakfast!
Because you wanted to go to the “Big big playground with sand”.
Climbed all the way up!
Spent some time at the swings!
Lol doing what your Daddy always does on hot and sweaty days.
The second thing you wanted to do for your birthday is to eat ice-cream in an ice-cream shop.
Ice-cream and waffles for lunch is the most daebak thing ever.
Balloon surprise for you after your nap!
You are the only one who can make Ah-gong stay and sing your birthday song.
The cake you picked. 🤩
The third thing you wanted to do was the hardest due to the restrictions.. but we made it happen on Zoom!
May all your wishes come true.
Time for some cake!
And you really gave Allie the pink tail as promised.
Happy birthday, our dearest firstborn. I know you’d love the water park and campervan Daddy and Mummy got for you!
Looking forward to the day we can travel and take photoshoots again!