Dear Allie

Happy 4th Birthday!

You bring so much cheer and color to me and everyone around you. You are the breath of fresh air, the burst of sunshine and the bundle of joy I need, everyday.

No one else has the ability to make me equal parts exhilarated and exasperated all at the same time. I love all your quirks and funny antics, yet you challenge me in many ways with those antics and your unique train of thought (and hence the way you negotiate and/or argue).

You already have a best friend in school you want to do everything with. Yesterday after your celebration in school, you came home happily, telling us that G was the FIRST friend you gave the goodie bag to, because she’s your BEST friend.

I don’t know if it’s because you’re the youngest in our family, or if it’s simply in your nature. I think you’ll always be the baby in the family. Your big sister adores you and so does everyone around you.

Stay cheerful and curious, with good health and sense of humour.

Love you to the moon and back!

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