Best 9 +9

Another strange and confusing year that was 8 at times, 5 sometimes, 2 at times and 0 sometimes.

Yet 2021 is also about new beginnings and restarting. It is about making the best out of what we have, lots of lemons and lots of sweet lemonade.

We packed 11 years of stuff into boxes and moved out of our first matrimonial home. It took us 2 weeks before we got hot water, 3 weeks before we had our first home-cooked meal, 2 months before we got our dining table and chairs, 3 months before the renovation/carpentry was fully completed and all the boxes (except one that’s still sitting in the dining area) were unpacked.

That said, I’m thankful that we are settling into the new home very well.

Clarissa started Primary One with some apprehension but passed it with flying colours. I am happy that she is not only coping well academically but also building her character, learning the value of team work and voluntarily taking part in things like Chinese story-telling competition.

While my funny old friends tell me I must have cost her the top prize (and I tell them I only did it because she chose me to do it with her), I’m happy to have done this with her, and that we at least won her a bronze trophy. Afterall, she wanted to take part because she wanted a trophy.

Allison has grown so much since the 1st of January. Still cheeky, still carefree (and careless), still our baby, but she has her tender and sensible moments.

I guess the blessing these two otherwise terrible years have brought us, is more intimate time with the girls and learning to treasure our family and friends and hold them close despite the physical limitations of distance.

We haven’t had a full family gathering since Chinese New Year, but we are always in contact with one another. It can be a text message asking how we are doing, or gossiping about the latest celebrity scandals. Or my mum talking about the same thing over and over again. Or my fil coming with breakfast at 650am on a Sunday morning. I’m thankful to have my family close to me.

Gatherings with friends have become more choiceful and more intimate. Lots of time spent meeting at home, chatting quietly (or loudly depending on the topic) and having the kids around us as we chat.

I’ve more or less stuck to my resolution of exercising / going to the park twice a week. My health isn’t in tip-top shape but I try my best. I’m not often sure where my career is heading but I enjoy the consumer insights and the problem-solving.

The hubs and I continue to make a good team. This year, I’m appreciating his job and his company and the choices he made so, so much more.

It hasn’t been an all good or all bad year, because no year would ever be all good or all bad. But we celebrate the small and big wins nonetheless, and we try and re-try nonetheless.

We will always see light and find love in the end, and at the beginning.

May we all blaze through 2022 like the Superheroes we all are. ❤