Happy Anniversary! ❤

Since our wedding anniversary falls on a Sunday (= kids’ day) this year, we took leave on Friday and Monday to spend some time together and to rest (respectively).

The original plan was to go cycling on Friday and re-live our dating days. But I backed out because I was too tired + had a fall the night before, on our way back to the car after my SIL’s wedding.

So it turned out to be just a chill day. Breakfast, home to do laundry etc, and then run to the watch shop to fix batteries / change straps etc, get the phone he’s been waiting for, go for a massage, pick the girls up from school, and have dinner together!

While waiting for my watches to be fixed, we ended up shopping at the watch shop and found something we liked.. and decided to gift each other a watch. 😆😆

For him.
For me.

I’d already gotten him a polo tshirt and he’s already gotten me a pair of earrings.. but we are just spontaneous like that. 🤩😍

Had a simple dimsum snack before heading to the Singtel shop for his new phone! It’s supposed to be his birthday present + Christmas present + Anniversary present lol.

Inside the bag: Samsung Fold!

And then it was massage – girls pick-up – dinner – Toyrus run – home.

Saturday and today came and went as per our usual weekend schedule.

It’s a normal day with enrichment classes run in the morning, more laundry and household chores, and our Team A / B set up in the afternoon.

I’m exhausted.

But I cherish all our “normal” days, because normal is bliss. Normal is great. ❤❤

Just us. 😘😘