Dusting off

And just like that, I stopped writing here since.. March.

2022 has been quite a ride!

There have been tough moments, tough situations, tough periods.. and many things have happened – gastric flu, covid, health scares, endoscopy..

Despite it all, I’m feeling thankful at the end of this year because honestly, it could have been worse.

There is so much to be thankful about.

Family, the hubs, close friends, the girls growing up well, Clarissa doing well in school, Allie cracking us up, the hubs taking on a new job, my health checkup going well, food on the table, our first overseas family vacation in three years.

Some days I feel stuck in the rut, sometimes I find myself thinking “this is so unfair”, some days I still struggle with the fear of my stomach and health issues recurring, sometimes I feel like I really need a break.. alone, some days I feel so tired I can’t bring myself to do anything at all.

But these are just those few bad moments and bad days; it’s not a bad year or a bad life.

So.. it has been mostly a good year!

December is probably the best time of the year, with our family vacation in Taiwan as the biggest highlight.

Bright and fresh start to our first full day in Taipei!
My pillar of support and the man who planned the entire itinerary.
Allie fell down onto the mud, and we were on our way to the bathroom to clean her up. I can’t say enough about how much I love this shot captured by our driver. I will always hold your hand no matter how much trouble you get into. ❤
I will always remember the happiness and delight in her squeals when she got into the cable car for the first time.
And the way Clarissa encouraged Allie to try touching black sand.
My big girl trying to reenact the same moment she had in the same location as a 3-year-old.
And she has grown so much!
After the lantern carried our hopes and wishes to the skies, we stand together, on track, strong against the rain and wind.

I’d like to think of 2023 as a work-in-progress; we will learn and grow through the year.

I will continue to take care of my health and self, and get the hubs to do the same. I will strive for more quality time with the girls, the hubs and with myself.

May we all be healthy and safe, happy and grateful, wealthy and fulfilled.

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