We are (Ok, I am) thinking of getting Allie started on Chinese classes next January.

It’s not been easy trying to speak the language to her at home and getting her to reciprocate, though I know we definitely can try harder.

It’s just.. more efficient and effective in English. She gets us and we get her. Done. 😅

In Chinese, we last maybe 5 minutes before she goes, “Can you speak English?” Or completely disengages.

So while Clarissa started doing Chinese classes in K2, I reckon Allie should have an earlier start at K1. (Which by the way, I can’t believe the littlest one at home would be in K1 next year!)

I told Allie the plan, and while she wasn’t too happy about it, she didn’t protest too overtly. Our helper heard our conversation and said it’s good to start her early because one of our neighbours spoke to Allie in Chinese and she said she couldn’t understand him at all.

Later on, over dinner, our helper told us that Allie said she didn’t want to go for Chinese lessons because she already has Chinese lessons in school.

So I told Allie we could reconsider if she could translate what we were saying in English to Chinese.

Clarissa immediately took on the task of setting the questions like a teacher.

Clarissa: Ok! Can you say “What is this?” in Chinese?

Allie: “这是什么?”

Cue wows from everyone.

Clarissa: What is “I want to go swimming” in Chinese?

Allie: (Sheepish smile) 我要游泳!

Cue more wows from everyone. We were suitably impressed.

Clarissa: Ok, good! But actually you can also say “我要去游泳” ok? Now what about “I can take care of Jayden”? (Jayden is their pet teddy bear lol.)

With everyone looking at her in awe and anticipation, Allie said, “我会.. take care of Jayden.”


I guess we’d go ahead with Chinese classes as planned.

Lol the student and the teacher.

I love conversations like this in the house. The questions are as cute as the answers. Never a dull moment.

Later at night, I sat on the mat on the floor of their bedroom to watch them as they turn in for the night.

Allie probably dozed off while drinking her milk but was woken by Clarissa who exclaimed rather loudly, “Mummy, Allie is sleeping with her bottle in her mouth!”

I tried to whisper, “Ok, I’ll take it out later.”

But Allie plucked the bottle out of her mouth and became. Wide. Awake.

She tossed and turned and rolled left and right.

“Mummy, can you go up?” She said pointing to the upper bunk bed. “I want to do some yoga before I sleep.”


This girl amazes me everyday.

I obliged and went up the bunk bed and listened as Clarissa nagged at Allie about how she should not be exercising before bedtime and Allie rebutting, “Dr Binocs says it’s ok to do yoga before sleeping.”

Eventually Clarissa fell asleep after I told her to just try and sleep and not be distracted by Allie.

Cobra and Downward dog. 🐍🐕🤣

So I watched, in semi darkness, as she did all sorts of yoga poses, from cobra, downward dog to the triangle pose, occasionally grunting as she attempted the lunges.. and I couldn’t help but laugh and think to myself, “She’s so cute.”

She eventually requested to switch places with me, taking the upper bunk bed and drifting off to sleep.

What a lovely Sunday. ❤