Starting Over


I started out a little half-hearted, but after all the effort, the scale has tipped in favour of going back to WordPress, regardless of whether Dayre stays or not.

I'd done the export twice. The first time I did it, the posts came without the titles. I thought it was the norm but I read our Export Hero's comment that the titles should appear, and (unrelated to titles but) that he'd just fixed some bugs.

So I exported again, this time to an empty site.

The titles appeared. 😉

I didn't want to join the queue again because I felt bad to have already done it twice.

It was fun playing fastest fingers but I shouldn't add to the queue#s again. 😂

So I converted the dayre-exported "tag" to "category", filtered by category and deleted all the previously exported posts.

WordPress was very slow so it took a while.

And then I went to the other site to export the posts, download the files, and went back to the original site to import them.

Such a longwinded story. 😅😂


The hubs brought me here after my 3-month post-partum checkup.. which didn't go very well.

Had to do some tests, and wait for the results.

I'm worried, but there's nothing I can do except to wait.

And go to an onsen + get a massage. 😅

Onsen was good!

I like that they provide disposable tube bra tops and undies for ladies who do not wish to bare it all. 😂

Tried my best to empty my mind in the onsen (But it was hard).

My face was all flushed after 45 minutes of hopping into different pools. It felt quite good, like I'd just ran 10 rounds. 😀

We met at the cafe area to have lunch.

Took a very short rest on the comfy couches in the resting room beside the cafe, before we went for a Thai massage.

Hahaha I told him he looked like a farmer in this spa outfit and he acted the part.

The massage was quite spectacular.. in the number of "crack"s I got, and the areas I never knew could/would ache.

All in all, a pretty good experience!

Thank you hubs for the pampering treat! 😀

It was a nice break from #momlife and my scattered trains of thought.

Yesterday, I told Jiejie Clarissa about Meimei's milk strike.

"Today Meimei didn't drink her milk and didn't sleep well. What should we do with her?" I asked her.

I was expecting her to say things like, "then don't carry her!" or "then she can't grow taller like Daddy!"

But she thought about it and said to me, "Give her a kiss!"

"Really?" I was caught by surprise.

"Yes, give her a kiss," she said and walked over to the other side of the bed to give Meimei a peck on the cheek.

I immediately told the hubs about it over WhatsApp, because it was so sweet.

And then I thought about it overnight.

It wasn't just #toddlerlogic.

This is toddler wisdom.

Always choose love

Choose love; not logic, not reason, not consequences.

Especially when it comes to family and loved ones.

With all the recent Dayre drama, I've lost count of the number of times I've rolled eyes or felt disgusted at the comments a handful of people made. Whether it is dissing the current CEO and the Dayre team, or demanding help in an impolite and self-entitled manner.

Where is the love, even if it were just for fellow mankind?

In a way it's good that Dayre is shutting down (or getting reconstructed) and I'm forcing myself to go on WordPress.

Less mindless reading.
Less senseless drama.

And hopefully this means I get to live more in the present *while* collecting my thoughts, instead of dumping my thoughts here and collecting them later (or never getting to collect them, because no time 😅).

Had I rushed into writing about Clarissa's suggestion yesterday to "give her a kiss", I might have simply concluded that, yay she loves her sister.

She might not have meant it in a very *deep* way and I might be overthinking it.

But what I took out of recollecting and digesting what she'd said, was that she loves her little sister *in spite of*, like "she's naughty but I'll kiss her anyway". 😆


So I guess this is it.

My 866th entry on Dayre in 3 years and 3 months, or 1,199 days (Yes I did my math, OCD as always 😅).

I'll be sticking around to read and to collect new WordPress or IG handles of the people I'd love to continue following, people who mattered and who will continue to matter to me.

Thank you for everything!