Lunar New Year

Now I can say, for sure, that the new new year has officially begun.

It’s a quiet Chinese New Year this year due to the restrictions enforced by the government, for the right reasons.

No more than 8 visitors per day per households, and each person can visit a maximum of 2 households each day.

It’s a little less tiring, not having to prepare for the stream of guests coming for steamboat on Day 1 or to drive into Malaysia on Day 2. We got to meet up with a few friends we’d otherwise (usually) not meet in the first 3 days of CNY. We still got to spend quality time with our family, and that’s really all that matter.

初一: 给爸爸妈妈拜年!
Obligatory photo in front of the height wall.
We (and our helper) are getting better and better at taking our family photo. Only 5 takes! 😆
This is the most prim and proper version in this set of photos lol.
Happy faces!
Getting ready for Round 2 at Grandma’s place!
Ah-ah birthday takeover. 🙈🙊
The actual birthday girl.
We had to light the candles twice because the two girls blew the candles while their Ah-ah was making her birthday wish.
All the girls in the family and 100x telepathic powers in our choice of #ootd. ❤❤
Family. 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
Telepathic powers continued on Day 2 when my fil showed up with almost the same polo tshirt as the hubs.
📷: Clarissa 😍😍
Their same-same-but-different matchy outfit for Day 2.
Day 3: Impromptu meetup with my friend as we were in the area for Clarissa’s English class

Yes, we were baffled by why classes were still on on CNY weekend, but it was too expensive to skip so I booked a different time slot and venue for her. 🤣

Lol Clarissa drew a picture of my friend.
Day 3 #ootd also featuring Allie’s bolster which she took from her Ah-ah.
Valentine’s day is also about friendship, both for the young and old.

I’m so glad it’s still a holiday for us today. My company gives off-in-lieu on Monday when a public holiday falls on a Saturday. The primary school is also closed today. We let Allie skip school today since her sister is at home.

No more visiting today so I took the girls to the big playground they’ve been asking to go!

We had a lot of fun, not just at the playground but also watching Allie attempt to poop in the squat toilet at the coffee shop.

Yay to no-work and no-school Monday!
And here’s to a bright and cheery new year!