Seoul cold

Haha. Literally.

The winter seems more bearable now that I am experiencing it for the third time.
Though at some point in time, I still feel like I might really freeze my ears/butt off.

I have been waking up at 6:30am SG time everyday; it’s crazy.
But it’s fun learning about the new trends and hoo-has in Korea.

The latest being this university student who went on a talk show commenting about how she has always dated tall guys because ‘any guy below 1.8m tall is a loser’.
And this sparked off a chain reaction from the guys, obviously because the average height of Korean guys is only 1.75m (can you believe they actually reported this figure in the national TV news, after the controversial statement was made?).
The girl’s blog, apparently, has been flooded with angry comments about her and her statement. And some immigration company even went as far as posting its advertisement on her blog offering to help her with her migration!
And men’s shoe companies are now selling shoes with heels with the tagline “Now you don’t have to be a loser anymore.”

It’s really amazing, how a country can go into such frenzy just because of a statement stemming from what seems like just a personal preference.
Though much as I prefer tall guys myself (the bf is 1.82m, thank goodness he’s not a loser, haha), I probably won’t go as far as saying the short ones are all losers.

At the same time, it is quite believable coming from a culture that has a nearly 70% penetration of cosmetic procedures. The people we meet try to tell us, nah appearance is not everything, but the more they talk, the more we know that it is everything, at least in this country.

And then there’s this new terminology on ‘plants’ vs. ‘animals’, something that was ‘imported’ from Japan.
Basically a ‘plant’ is someone who does nothing but wait to be noticed/pursued/sought after, while an animal is someone who hunts actively for a partner.
Apparently, among Korean women there are more ‘animals’ than ‘plants’, and the trend is reversed among Korean men.

So the evil women, stepmothers, mothers-in-law we see in Korean dramas are not quite far off from reality.

Off to another meeting!

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