So-so supper at the airport before boarding.

Clarissa's fever did not subside, so I decided take the earliest possible flight back tonight, at 0035.

Thank god my phone and data roaming was working so I made the changes to my flight with the secretary's help.

They made a booboo with the first amendment, booking me on the 7pm flight tomorrow instead.

Thank god it was all sorted before lunch time, while I was in between consumer interviews.

In the meantime, Clarissa's fever did not go away, and she started throwing up too, after taking her meds.

Poor girl.

Fortunately I got the flight back!

My colleagues – indirect boss, peers, reportee – were very understanding and I feel so grateful to be working with people like them.

I got back to the hotel at 630pm, rushed to my room to pack up and take a quick shower, rushed out at 7pm to check out and do a debrief/handover, and then rushed to the airport.

This is really one whirlwind of a trip, but I really should be home.

Two heads are better than one, the hubs and I, we are a team. 💪

I'll be back soon.

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