Still stuck in a rut

One of those weekends where I took no photos at all. πŸ˜₯

Brought Clarissa out to run an errand and get lunch on Saturday. The weather was so hot I went home feeling sick.

After lunch it was nap, dinner, tv, stories and bedtime.

I had a headache that evening and so I popped two paracetamol before going to bed.

Was up at 4am. The headache was almost gone but felt some strain on my neck.

Milk Strike at 6am but this time I calmly made her sleep again, and she was up around 7am after pooping.

Headed out for a quick massage to get my neck fixed and got lunch back for everyone.

The weather was so hot!

I felt mostly ok, and was looking forward to nap time after Clarissa’s swimming lesson.. but the headache came back, this time a pounding one, much worse than that of the previous night.

I popped two relaxant/painkillers and tried to nap, but simply could not sleep.

And then the girls woke up from their naps and I woke the hubs up too. Told him about my very bad headache and asked him to settle dinner.

I wasn’t sure why, but both bubs1 and hubs were throwing some kind of tantrum at me.. which fortunately stopped after I told him I really couldn’t handle this with the pounding headache.

The medication didn’t work at all.

After dinner he gave me a more powerful painkiller, and we watched Masterchef Junior. Some of the pain went away but my entire head still felt really tight.

He took over bedtime stories and bedtime with Clarissa, while I went to the study room and tried to sleep with Allie.

She cried twice? But I managed to make her go back to sleep.

While I lay in the dark for two hours, unable to fall asleep.

Despite having a heat pack on my neck and putting on a heated eye mask.

I gave up and went back to my room.

The pain was so excruciating I wanted to knock myself out unconscious. I was even wondering if I should check myself into A&E to get a drip or something.

I was still awake but very exhausted by 12am when the hubs went to the study room to give Allie her dream feed, which she rejected.

We were doing fairly well last week with her feeds, stretching the intervals to 4 hours but it all became nuts again after the jabs on Friday.

He told me he’d just sleep in her room and try to feed her again if she woke up.

It took me a while to eventually fall asleep, in the midst of feeling very fearful about not being able to sleep.

I woke up when the hubs came back to the room at 4am. Thankfully, the pounding headache was gone.

He couldn’t sleep properly because he would wake up whenever he started snoring. Apparently Allie called out when he snored.. before going back to sleep herself. πŸ˜‚

I went to her room around 5am because we thought we heard her stirring. But she went back to sleep so I tried to sleep too.

She woke up at around 630am. Her last feed was at 830pm, so I thought, surely she’d be hungry by now?

But nope. She woke up cheerful but refused to drink her milk.

And then Clarissa was up and I asked our helper to try feeding Allie while I got Clarissa ready for school.

She eventually drank some.. But there was some 40ml left over from a 125ml feed. 😀😀

5 more days till the end of this awfully long leap. I guess I’d really consider starting her on solids if the milk strike persists.

So I spent a full week doing nothing and today’s Monday.. and I’m just feeling all sorts of lethargic.

To add salt to my wound, there is A LOT of drilling going on right now in my estate because of the home improvement works.


When can I get out of this?

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