Allie is walking.. soon!

Allie the reckless and “anyhow” walker.

On our way to get breakfast this morning.

We had a housewarming/Christmas party and play date with the girls’ friends from swimming.

Allie was clearly very comfortable in the new environment and enjoying herself very much.

Checking blind spot.


Stuffing her face with imaginary food.

Trying new stunts with the car.

Clarissa had fun too!

Clearly this car was the most popular toy today.





Yes we’ve got all six kids looking at the camera!

And by then Allie was so comfortable she was in t-shirt and diapers only. No need for pants. 😆

And then she kept walking closer and closer to me / the camera.

She walked a lot today!

Pretty long stretches, and nonchalantly so.

I guess she was having too much fun / too focused on getting to the next toy to be conscious about walking.

So I’m just checking in for a bit to record this. 😆

And while I’m at it..

Cute moment last evening of the two of them stopping to watch a Christmas singing performance after dinner with their Yi-yis.

Allie was dancing and swaying and bouncing up and down (and flashing her tummy too), and laughing.. until the singer came up to her to sing directly to her.

Clarissa had fun swimming in a huge ball pit.

Hehe collage by her San-yi!

It feels good not to have to work on a weekend for once. 😊

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