Of itchy fingers and fries

When I got home this evening, our helper asked me to go into the room to play ‘spot the difference’.

Little miss itchy fingers has peeled most of the ladybirds off the leaves and stuck them onto the clouds instead.

After doing this, she apparently went to our helper, pointed her finger at her and said, “Uh hor..” accusingly.


I love this little cheeky girl so much.

16 months young since Monday (yes i forgot to post)!

Jiejie freeing the ladybirds from the cloud.

We’ve been watching Masterchef Junior from Season 6 to 5 to 4 to 3. I think we might as well also watch Season 2 and 1.

We’ve just started on the adult version of Masterchef Season 9.

So! She’s been picking up interesting vocabulary on top of complex ways to describe what’s she eating or pretending to cook.

I overheard her telling her Yaya, “I’m going to give you a huge advantage Yaya.”

Ask her if the food is good, and she will tell you, after a dramatic pause, that “it’s divine”.

Tonight we watched a Korean contestant whip up some panfried breaded fish and she turned to me excitedly to tell me, “Wah mummy! The fish looks so good I want to eat it with fries!”


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