Staycation weekend!

Because it's Fathers' Day and also our dating anniversary.

The hubs said she could bring her bag and so off she went to pack.

It's really everything she needs. 😂

Mickey mouse, dog figurine from Auntie O, random motorcycle, a single fish.. and of course mama duck.

Famfie before setting off.

Wanted to take a nice #ootd but yeah. 😂

Dress too long, weather too hot.

Pretending to eat, as usual.

One more!

Happy Fathers' Day!


Did a bit of research before finally deciding on this.

The first dish that came was this mad awesome polo char siew bun which we had immediately and forgot to take picture. So here's the hubs making up for it.

And then he had this mad awesome pig's stomach soup and requested for a picture. 😂

She requested for fried rice as usual, and also requested for a picture of her eating it.

She made Daddy take another picture. 😂

"Hey Daddy, you also take picture!"

Hahahaha here's my feeble attempt at bring a food blogger.


Yes the seafood dumpling at the bottom left was 1/3 eaten. 😂

We also had yangzhou fried rice and youtiao cheongfun. Plus soup for the hubs!

The food is very good!
The man approves!

Haha this gives me a lot of consolation, that while I can't really cook, I can do research about food. 😂

Desserts to finish off our meal.

Happy anniversary!

The mango pomelo sago was good, but the one I ordered (some chestnut corn thing) was just so-so.

Waiting for our room to be ready.

Daddy human mattress duty. 😁😁

Waited too long for the room.

She was running round and round the lobby with poor Daddy. 😂

And then she pretended that the luggage as a car. 😂😂

The wait was worth it, as we entered the room.. and both the hubs and bubs went wow, Wow, WOW.

The little one was so into the view outside she bumped her head on the see-through window.. and laughed.

The bathroom's amazing.

How would you like soaking in the bathtub to this view?

(Hehe we took turns later to do that later at night.)

We could see MBS on our left and Esplanade on our right from the bedroom.

Speaking of Esplanade it was the place I said yes to dating the hubs, 13 years ago. 🙈🙊

Guess who loves the room the most?


She loves it so much we actually spent more than an hour in the room, playing hide and seek.

Deliberately did not want to take a proper picture with us. 😂

The highlight of our stay, for the little boss.

Shall write more tomorrow!

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