A quick update

Too drowsy from flu meds to write properly but here’s a quick round-up of the weekend.

Saturday: Meimei has joined the ranks to be our new breakfast girl!
Playdate at cool de sac!

Clarissa: I’m not excited about going to buy breakfast. I’m very excited about going to the big playground with R and R Meimei!

Oookay. 😄

She wanted to have a go at the karaoke box outside the playground. Here she was singing “fantastic baby” (no we didn’t pay for her to sing 😂)!
Sunday evening: Re-opening ceremony for the playpen (@18w +1d)
Today: Baby flips in playpen all on her own! (But can’t seem to be able to flip back 😅)

PUB/HDB/Town Council/Contractor for upgrading screwed up and cut off our water supply this morning without prior notice. And then they gave us brown water.

The calls were bounced from one unit to another and back to the town council.

I called the town council hotline only to be told, “oh we are xyz unit. I’ll pass your message to town council.”

Called another hotline and they said, “Oh we are xyz unit. You called just now? I’ll pass your message to town council.”

Called PUB, pressed for options here and there.. And the call was diverted to…

Town. Council.

Finally got to speak to someone who said they will send someone down.

But no one came.

The washing machine was in the midst of washing Allie’s clothes when the intermittent supply cut happened. The toilet bowl was emitting brown water. And then the taps too. Allie’s swaddle cloth and towels came out brown.

On my 5th attempt to get someone to do something about it, I said something like, “The water is brown! My baby’s clothes are all brown! Everything is brown!”

In my coarse but measured voice. On paper, though, I think I must have sounded a little hysterical. 😂

Because they finally sent someone to look into it.

(And they blamed the Contractor for the upgrading for this.)

Clarissa said a lot of #thingsclarissasays-worthy stuff, but let me round them up..

And write another day.

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