Breakfast while the little boss is still sleeping.

My brain-mouth coordination is shit.

My mind was thinking teh-si siew dai beng but my mouth said kopi-si kosong beng. It took me a few seconds as I stared at the unfamiliar glass while the coffee stall auntie said, "对啊! 这个是你叫的!" before I realised I ordered the wrong drink.

And I don't even drink that! My usual order is kopi-o kosong but I thought tea would go better with prata this morning.

Sigh life of an auntie.

Can write so much about teh and kopi. 😂

This one's up! 😁

She woke up at 6am demanding to "drink water". I jumped up from bed to attend to her but when I went near her, she said, "Don't want Mama." 💔

So I left her sippy cup beside her and went back to my room.. and went back to sleep. 😂

She, too, went back to sleep.

I asked her about it just now and she looked confused, but also a little sheepish.

And then she stuck to me like super glue the rest of the time. 😁

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