Comfort food for the heart

Glorious comfort food (for my soul). ❤

On some mornings, I'd task the little boss to wake her Daddy up.

We've established the "fact" since a long time ago, that only her kiss can get Daddy out of the bed.

So Daddy would pretend to sleep soundly and I'd be trying to wake him up. He'd continue to (pretend to) sleep.

I'd then turn to Clarissa for help.

"Clarissa, can you please help me wake Daddy up?"

Sometimes she'd refuse to and I'd nudge the hubs again. He'd continue to sleep and I'd ask for help again.

She'd then climb up the bed and start by nudging and calling him, "Baba, Baba".

Sometimes she employs the help of others, like Pig pig this morning, as if to confirm again that nothing except her kiss would work on Daddy.

Because Daddy would continue sleeping.

She'd have no other solution but to deploy the tried and tested way.

Her kiss.

Which comes with sound effects Mmmm..muack!
And a peck on his forehead or cheek or lips depending on the aiming that day.

And Daddy wakes up!

And Clarissa would smile shyly yet proudly for her achievement.

For someone who isn't the most generous or affectionate about giving out hugs and kisses, this is a big deal.

What started as a random idea one morning, many mornings ago, when I said to the little boss, "You have to kiss Daddy so he'd wake up", became a little routine that's so lovely to watch no matter how many times we've done it.

For the sake of the running theme on comfort food this week, here's a picture of my lunch. 😅

In other news this girl has been refusing to wear her uniform.. the whole of this week.

Not only that, she is also refusing to let us put on the tops we pick for her.

"Don't want!" She'd say.
Yesterday she said to our helper, "Another! Another!" 😂😂
And we had to scramble for other options.

This morning she picked the Minnie mouse top after rejecting the school uniform, and an Adidas t-shirt.

Really asserting her independence. 😂😂

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