Our happy model this morning.


I think she's happy because she pooped this morning. 😂😁

Last night she asked for Mummy so I had to lie down on the mattress beside her cot, holding her hand before she fell asleep.

This morning I was in the bathroom washing up when I heard her calling for Yaya.

Our helper was preparing breakfast in the kitchen so she asked her to wait. But she kept calling for Yaya every other minute.

I went over but she told me she wanted Yaya to make milk for her.

Then I went to the kitchen and saw our helper in the midst of making French toast. So I made her milk and brought it to her room.

Kena rejected. 😂

Had to be Yaya handing the milk to her. 😂😂

Hahaha so I passed the bottle of milk to our helper and went back to my room to paint my face.

Our helper gave her the milk and went back to the kitchen.

The little boss finished her milk, and came over to look for me, smiling like she's seeing me for the first time this morning. 😂


I consider this a good morning because when she rejected the milk from me I thought she woke up from the wrong side of the bed. 😅

Erm just saw this update from the school portal.

The activities and syllabus this week?
Shower time.

F. O. L.

That explains the post shower tantrum on Monday, because it all started with her wanting to continue dispensing soap from the pump but the water had already turned cold.

Because there was no more water for rinsing off the soap, our helper stopped her from playing with the pump altogether.

This doesn't justify her hulk scale tantrums, but at least we know the reason behind it.

She must have been confused and pissed off.

Cher just said we need to learn how to dispense soap from the pump (her Teacher described that as training their gross motor skills) so why are you stopping me from practising? 😂😂

(And yes this activity was done on Monday because that was what she wore on Monday.)

I was talking to the hubs about something and he said: "Oh the se-chets ah?"

Immediately I knew he meant "sachets".

Which is pronounced 'sa-shey'.

Hahahaha I knew what he meant because I used to think it's pronounced 'se-chets'. 😂

It reminded me of a particularly funny incident in JC, where my GP tutor asked one of the Ah Bengs in class to read a passage.

It was about petrol prices or cars, I can't remember.

But my classmate read out something like "the petrol kee-sok".

He meant kiosk.


I told the hubs about this and we both couldn't stop laughing.

This was so many years ago and I still find it funny.


Close to bed time, Clarissa was looking for her Daddy, who was hiding in the toilet (don't ask me why 😂).

So she asked me:

Mummy, can you tell me where Daddy is?

I went, wah!

One of my little pet peeves is when people say, "Can you tell me where is this?"

So I said to Clarissa, "Wow Clarissa you got your sentence right! It's tell me 'Where Daddy is' and not tell me 'Where is Daddy"!

She looked at me, bewildered.

👦: Erm I don't think anyone really bothers.


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