On a roll

(With funny stories.)

So this evening, Clarissa finished her dinner ahead of Allie and asked to play on her scooter.

We have kept the scooter away in the storeroom to prevent Allie from performing dangerous stunts on it. 😅

I said ok, but as expected, Allie made a dash for the scooter once she was done with her dinner too.

They managed to play together nicely with just some shouting (from Allie) here and there.

Clarissa would make Allie stand on both feet on the front part of the board while she scoots behind her, slowly. Or she’d stand beside Allie while pushing her along.

(No videos because I was watching nervously. 😂)

It looked like they were ok playing together so the helper and I sat down to have our dinner together while the girls played together.

They even scooted into my bedroom to play.

A few minutes later, they came out, with Allie standing on the board and Clarissa pushing her at the side.

Allie was smiling brightly and Clarissa looked very excited.

“Mummy! Yaya! We show you something ok?” She said.

Without missing a beat, she gave the scooter (with Allie still standing on it) a gentle push and went, “Wooooo!” while Allie scooted away on her own, without Clarissa holding her by the side.

My heart almost skipped a beat.

My helper let out a loud gasp and almost jumped up from her seat.

Sensing that our jaws might have dropped, Clarissa immediately assured us, “It’s ok Mummy! We already practised in the room just now!”


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