The situation this morning: The little one placed my pillow against her Daddy and discovered.. A slide!

So she spent a good 15 minutes climbing onto the top (i.e. Daddy) and then sliding down the pillow, shouting:


Very excitedly each time. 😁😂

My friends came by this morning and we had a nice chit chat over breakfast.

The little boss took a nap, had lunch, changed into her swim gear and posed for pictures for my friend.

Her expression is so funny! 😁

Also featuring Daddy's legs lol.

Clarissa calls my friend "deh deh" (jiejie) hahaha so polite.

We dropped our friend off while on the way to the swimming class, and from time to time, Clarissa would ask me, "Deh deh?"

I told her, "Jiejie has gone home" and she would give me a puzzled face. 😅


Enjoyed her class but didn't want to be dunked and didn't want to leave the pool without the duck. 😅

The teacher had to give in fhl.