Little miss auntie goes buy breakfast with her Mummy.

She insisted on carrying my iced coffee for me.

We walked past the mini-mart and she told me to "buy mian boh", her little mouth forming into a cute O as she said that.

Omg baby, it should be 面包 not 波.

When I told her there was no need to buy, she repeated herself, this time telling me in English, "Mummy buy bread."

As usual she ran across the void deck but stopped to look at the carpark.

"Want see Daddy," She said.
Awww. Before getting breakfast, Daddy had already driven off to work.

And then she turned to look at the playground and said, "Want go playground."

I told her I was hungry and wanted to go home to have breakfast.

She said to me, matter-of-factly:

Tomorrow, Daddy bring you.

Hahaha I said to her, OK you ask Daddy.

When we got home, she looked through the plastic bag of packed food looking for everyone's breakfast.

"Where's Yaya's breakfast?" She asked me.

Once she was satisfied that I'd already given Yaya's packet of breakfast to her, she sat down happily and announced, "This is Baby's bread." (I bought her toast)

Touching my packet of CCF she said, "This is Mummy's breakfast."

She spat out a small piece of the bread though because there was a tinge of Kaya on it.

Haha yes I buy Kaya toast for her but she eats only the plain parts. 😂

"Don't like Papaya!!" She declared.

Hahaha she's been confusing Kaya with Papaya it's so funny. 😂😂


Went out for a massage and to do some Xmas shopping while the little boss took her nap.

I think I got quite excited about all the toys I could get for the little one.

In fact I almost only buy books and stickers for her but not toys.

There's so much variety to choose from! I was texting the hubs excitedly. 😂

I wanted to get this for her.

Indulgent Daddy wanted to get her the real deal.

But no space at home!

I got distracted and briefly entertained the idea of getting her a broom set. 😂

I can imagine her making Singa and Peppa go down the slide.

In the end I decided on my original choice.

A portable kitchen stove with a tap! 😆😁

Can't wait for her to open her present on Christmas Day!

Little samseng on the phone with her Daddy.

Our helper asked her to go and take shower.

She answered nonchalantly:

Five minutes can?

Hahahaha. Pattern more than badminton.




Boliaoness runs in the family. 😅

Thanks, Ah-ah. 😂

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