Missed bedtime 🙁

#yesterdayre from my sister who has been coming over to help us keep tabs on things.

Apparently this little monkey picked up the phone yesterday when my sister called.

She said a loud and cheery "Hello!" and when my sister asked if this is Clarissa, she replied, "Yah." 😅

Last night when she saw that we've all finished dinner, she went up to her Ah-ah and said, very causally, "Ah-ah, want play toys?"

And before bedtime, she waved both her hands very rapidly and said, equally rapidly, to her Ah-ah and Da-yi, "Good night good night good night!"

Hahahahaha what a little imp.


I was still in office wrapping up a meeting when I got a call from home.

I picked up the call and it was Clarissa. She wasn't crying but she was whining about something.

I tried my best to understand what she was trying to tell me, but could only make out something about t-shirt, something about her taking a shower, something about her choosing t-shirt and something about Yaya throwing the t-shirt.

I asked her if she is wearing her clothes; she said yes.

And then she hung up on me. 😂

I quickly checked the cctv to confirm.

There she was, standing near the dining table, t-shirt and pants both on.

The hubs had already left the office by then and so he offered to pick me up.


We got home, opened the door and it was all quiet except for the sound of our helper heating up our dinner in the kitchen.

The little boss is fast asleep in her cot. 😢

Apparently she got home, took her shower and had dinner.

When she called me she'd already finished her dinner and got wiped down and changed.

Basically she was trying to tell me she picked her t-shirt after showering but our helper changed her out of it after dinner because it got dirty.. and she wasn't happy about it.

But after hanging up the phone, she obliged when our helper asked her to read her books.

Shortly after though she asked our helper to make milk for her, and to put her in her cot. She also asked our helper to lie down on the mattress beside the cot, but do not sing. 😂

She fell asleep before 8pm.

She must have been really exhausted to request for milk + bed so early.

We are now wondering if she'd wake up at 3am later.

Feels so weird not to have her running towards us excitedly to greet us. 😢😢

Can't help feeling guilty about it.

Hope she gets a good rest tonight!

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