Made 2 trips to TMC today.

Once in the morning, where we tried in vain to see a lactation consultant but managed to see my gynae.

Was supposed to see him tomorrow for the wound and womb check but since I might need meds for the boobs, we decided to see him today.

The nurse was so nice to slot us in.

Gynae joked that I should just go to the ward and lie down on a bed to pretend to be an inpatient so that the LC would see me. šŸ˜‚

He checked my boobs and said it's not infection yet! But requires some major unclogging which would be painful.

Advised me to take panadol an hour before seeing the LC.

Wound is healing well. Womb is doing fine.

Went back again in the afternoon for the LC appointment.

Got the boobs sorted out (painfully) and also got good advice on my pump settings.

The LC said my milk is naturally thick, which is why it doesn't flow easily and might also be why the baby doesn't like sucking it (because it's difficult to).

I feel slightly better knowing the reason. Otherwise it just feels like I've studied so hard but still failed the exam.

I need to continue to pump and massage conscientiously to prevent blockage.

She even asked the hubs in to show him how he can massage for me. šŸ˜‚

So glad the hubs is around this week!

He's been driving us around, waking up to check on the baby and playing with the big little boss, and trying to provide moral support in general.

I'm sure it's going to be mayhem when he returns to work next week.

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