First day of preschool (Again)

Rise and shine and ready to go to school.

She was zooming around the house, following us and making sure we got changed and put on our shoes.

Wefie before she ran off.

Famfie when she ran back to us.

She said goodbye to our helper and her Ah-ah happily, and off we went.

I have spoken to her several times throughout the week and this morning, about school.

How she would have fun meeting her friends and teachers, Yaya would pick her up in the afternoon, and Daddy and Mommy would be at home with her in the evening.

She still remembers her teachers! She could point them out when we showed her pictures of her class activities.

Judging from her reaction and generally high spirits this morning, I thought she'd be ok.

Yet as we drove into the carpark and prepared to get her out of the car seat, she turned to me and said, "ꀕꀕ!" šŸ˜¢

Clung onto me as we took the lift, whined as she did the health check at the entrance and cried so sadly when her Chinese teacher picked her up.

We said byebye and "see you at home!" as chirpily as we could.

She stopped crying as her teacher walked into the classroom.

I guess (hope) she's ok?

We are starting her with just 1/2 days this week, together with daily multi-vitamins. šŸ˜…

We know that kids falling sick when they are in preschool is quite inevitable, but it doesn't make it easier to handle. A sick child and worried grandparents telling us what we should have or shouldn't have done.

Hope she adjusts to school soon!

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