Delivered last evening!

The hubs decided to sponsor 100% of it since we are returning the watch for refund.

I was telling him eeyer like that one, but then again I thought, actually I chose both the watch and the bag, even though I fully intended to pay for the bag on my own.

Anyway it's the thought (of wanting to get something for me) that counts? πŸ˜…

I have been casually looking at cross-body bags since my mng ones are peeling. I wanted leather ones so they can last longer.

I already have one from mulberry which I really love (and still do) but it's too formal (and precious) for me to use as a casual bag.

So I wanted something I'd use regularly and can match most of my outfits.

Started looking at the Reebonz site since 11.11 but was undecided.
And Black Friday came and I looked again.. and saw this bag.

I really liked it but decided to sleep over it.

When I woke up, I still liked it πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ so I asked the hubs for his opinion.

It was already on 40% discount, and with black Friday sale there was another 20% discount on top.

Which was a pretty good deal?

Haha so excited!

She's now the self appointed personnel to unwrap / unbox all our purchases.

Taking her job very seriously.

Job scope also includes modelling. 😁


It's not an "IT" bag, nor is it trendy or anything.

But it's in one of my favorite shapes (for bags)- I used to buy bags in what I call the 'ε°η¬ΌεŒ…' shape and my friends would call my bag the 'ε°η¬ΌεŒ…εŒ…'. πŸ˜‚

Chose dark sand over black for the versatility and I love how it has the signature Burberry checks subtly peeping at the sides.

Ok this is how my ε°η¬ΌεŒ…εŒ… would look like with strings drawn. πŸ˜†

I'll use it well!

(Side note: How to use a sticker without purchasing it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

1 week till the end of confinement.

We were toying around with the idea of asking the confinement nanny to continue staying with us for another 2 weeks, so that she completes 28 days.

In fact I have called PEM up yesterday to check the rates.

To be very honest, the new CL isn't much better than the previous one.
They each have different strengths.

The previous CL is a better cook but not as good with the baby.

She can't seem to read the baby very well and left it to us to suggest feeding intervals and amount to drink.

The current CL cooks ok and does a legit horfun, but she doesn't seem to be the most hygienic person.

I think she left my helper in shock a few times. πŸ˜‚

For example, if she ran out of space on the stove, she'd place the pot of cooked food on the.. floor.
Granted it's covered with a lid.. But still. πŸ˜‚

Or she'd place the bottle of breastmilk in a cup.. beside raw food.

Again I guess she probably thinks it's ok since it's covered.. but still.

Thankfully she stopped doing it once we told her not to.

Oh and on her first morning with us she asked me for our Wi-Fi password, and I saw her surfing the internet with her phone while carrying the baby.

Granted, she was sitting while holding the baby.. But still.

She continued to do that even after I went into the room so I guess no one ever told her not to do that?

So I politely asked her not to use her phone whenever she's with the baby.

Thankfully she stopped doing that since day 1.

What I appreciate about her is how she managed the 9pm witching hour by switching up the baby's schedule.
She'd also take the initiative to propose how much to drink and when to drink.
The baby doesn't cry like crazy when she's bathing her.

Which is the main reason why I even contemplated extending her stay, even though she's not exactly a superstar nanny.

I think 2 weeks is a good enough duration to fix the baby's schedule while not getting on one another's nerves.

Also if I may be brutally honest about and with myself, I'm just trying to delay the facing of reality.. for another 2 weeks.

The CL would be a good additional pair of hands for the baby while we brace ourselves for the newborn daze ahead.

Anyway we were not very decisive about it (it would have been an easy decision if the CL were a superstar OR completely sucked) so we took our time to find out the cost and process of extending, and I checked with the CL only this morning.

She solved our problem easily.

She's already been booked for another job and it is a specific request for her services so she cannot be reassigned.

Everything happens for a reason so I guess this means we'd have to wing it and win it. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

I've been reading my entries 3 years ago to get some inspiration on how to survive. πŸ˜‚

It kinda backfired a little because 1) I don't think I managed pumping and feeding very well back then and 2) I kept reading about my mastitis episodes.. and it made me feel.. scared. πŸ˜‚

I know I should be more experienced now, but I also have a 3 year old to care for and a helper to manage.

I guess there'd have to be some trial and error before we get a good routine going.


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