Of health concerns and Jiejie the cook

Not much to update because I've been on winterwonderland screensaver mode.. πŸ˜‚

..while the hubs was on video mode, watching videos after videos on his phone?

He hurt his back while carrying Clarissa up the car seat and was in terrible pain the rest of the day.

Man, age is catching up with us.

We did, however, manage to assemble the sarong for this one, who's 10 weeks +2 days young today.

So far, daytime nap remains rather short.

And this was her staring back at me innocently this morning when I asked her why she only slept for less than 30 minutes. πŸ˜‚

Well, at least she seems to enjoy the rocking.

These days I've been feeling rather unaccomplished, in that I get through each day without really registering what I've really done? πŸ˜‚

Yet I feel quite exhausted by the time Clarissa goes to bed, sometimes earlier.

I do feel less tired as compared to a few weeks ago, and I guess that's because of the revised schedule to pump right after the girls sleep, and get that 3-hour block of sleep.

But last night was duh, because I kept having rather vivid dreams.

On that topic of ageing, I'm also seeing how unhealthy our lifestyle is.

Not much exercise, eating late (mostly the hubs), and sleeping crap (mostly me).

I feel like we are stuck in some kind of a rut, and we are not trying hard to get out of it.

It's a pretty scary thing, because I don't know when it'd creep up on us, and we have to be vigilant. Even if it's not for ourselves, it'd be for our girls.

Takes a lot of discipline and determination, but we are sometimes too tired and too lazy to do that.. which of course is somewhat of an excuse.

We probably need A Plan. πŸ€”

…and it's time to come up with one.

The little boss cooked up a storm while her Yaya was preparing dinner and I was in the room attending to Meimei.

"Come and eat!" She zoomed into the room to inform me that "dinner is ready!"

She also invited her Yaya to eat.

"You see I cook the toy one!" She said excitedly.

After we were done with the real dinner, she fussed over her little sister, insisting that one of her hands should be underneath the blanket.

While her little sister looked at her with small but adoring eyes, and kept turning her head and eyes to follow Jiejie around the living room. 😍

Before I went to take a shower she asked me to pass her her two pairs of spectacles.

I came out and saw this. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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