Clarissa meets Baby I! | Her favorite book

Yo yo yo check it out!

Someone taxed my cap this morning.

Hahahaha would have very hip hop -ish if not for the pyjamas pants. 😅

So excited about the cap.

Say cheese!


My friends dropped by for a visit with their little boy.

Clarissa very generously offered her toys to Baby I, even her precious duck ducks.
Caring is sharing. 😁

But she didn't want me to hold Baby I and asked her Daddy to do so instead, while she walked back to me and sat on my lap. 😅

I asked her to take a picture with Baby I and she very willingly posed for a picture.

So cute lah, the both of them.

Baby I is such a happy baby!
He was very comfortable with the hubs and me carrying him, and kept chuckling when the hubs made funny faces at him.

He was still a little baby when I last visited my friends, and now he's crawling and trying to stand.

Kids grow up so fast!

Pre- bedtime reading.

This book is about Emily and her big red dog Clifford.

She made me read the story twice, and kept going back to this page.

"Ehmeme, cannot cry please," She said to Emily, the girl in the picture. "Wipe tears." She touched her face like she was wiping the tears away.

And then she proceeded to sayang, kiss and hug the girl, and made me do it too.

She did the same to the dog in the storybook.

"Clifford sad. Clifford cry. Baby wipe the tears," She said before sayang-ing, kissing and hugging him.

Love bedtime reading like this. 😁


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