Famfie, but I didn't get the memo. 😂🤣

Better, but I think they still look more alike.

She asked me, "Mummy, do you want the wind?"

And proceeded to fan me with the card.


And fries.

It's a.. potato kind of day. 😂

She fell asleep on our way home, and those 15 minutes were all she napped for the day. 🤤

But she was mostly in high spirits so it was manageable.

By night time, the hubs and I were sitting in her room talking while watching her shuttling between her room and the living room, not sure what she was busy with.

She skipped back into the room happily announcing in a sing song manner:

Hello! I just came back from the sofa~!


Trying to watch a movie using the VR gear. 😂

Haiyo just hold the phone in your hand?

He took it out to set up at first because he was trying to watch a movie while eating cup noodles. 😂😂