One of the quotes I have known for the longest time, since I first joined this company.

This was how I attempted to start the day today.

I vented in our group chat, recounted what happened to the hubs, thought about it long and hard, and decided, Ok let me try again. Today shall be a new day in office.

Ironically, I nearly missed my stop because I was too deeply in thought.

And of course, this happened.

I felt like kicking myself for my inability to make impromptu smart-arse sarcastic comebacks.
But I guess that level of idiocy behind petty feedback was just beyond me.
The tone irked me so much that I had to focus on keeping a straight face.

"I know you are the smarter of the lot, but appreciate it if you can have one voice with the team."

Yep. If you genuinely thought I'm smarter, why didn't you check with me first before sharing your silly grand plan?

On to my happy pill.

Didn't get to spend much time with her tonight (or the entire week for that matter) because we got home late after visiting the hubs' grandma in hospital.
I had to call in for a short meeting and when I finished, she was already having her night feed.

But as I was telling @babyruth, Clarissa shouted "Beh-beh!" very excitedly when she saw the picture of Ruth meimei as I was reading @babyruth 's dayre.

I showed her this picture of them in my phone, and she chuckled so happily!
Kept smiling at the picture, pointing at Ruth and going "Beh-beh!" 😍

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