Bali Day 3 (Or actually, 2)

Hehe continuing the little miss watermelon swimsuit fashion.

Somehow all the shops seemed to be selling watermelon themed swimsuits for babies.
I bought an extra set for on top of the one my friend got so she can wear them on alternate days.
This is from cotton on kids and I got her this two piece set instead of the other one piece suit (also watermelon) because it looks cute.
Didn't dare to buy a bikini set since I think Daddy would disapprove.
Regardless of how old she is. πŸ˜‚

Not many pictures today because we are tired. Hahaha.
I did 6 laps while the hubs played with the bubs.
Haven't swam for so long!


Little boss taking her nap now.
I think she's not been sleeping enough and therefore has been quite clingy since this morning.
She refused to let me put her on the changing mat after the swim!
Finished her puree breakfast (yay) but refused to stay seated in the baby chair. Daddy had to carry her while I had my breakfast.

The hubs has gone out for some archery fun while I stay in to chill and dayre.

I think Club Med is a pretty good place for families, in fact one of the reasons why we decided on this (besides the promotion) was how it has facilities for babies.
We booked this in July/August and back then I was attracted to the Baby Club here. You can park your baby there for activities while you go on your own.
They seem pretty strict about hygiene and stuff, because they require you to bring along the health booklet and proof that all the required vaccinations have been done.

But we didn't sign up for it because we didn't think we'd be comfortable leaving her there, and nor would she want to be left there.
So we decided that we'd just have to take turns and do what we want to do while she takes her naps.
I brought along two books to read (grand dream) but as it is, I have not opened any of them.
"I'll read while she sleeps," I'd told the hubs. "And you can go out for the activities."
Hahaha but the room is very dim leh, how to read.
Dayre instead lor. πŸ˜…

No complaints really, I'm actually very happy to stay in because my objectives for this holiday is exactly it.

1) Bring Clarissa to swim
2) Swim a bit myself, read a bit
3) Bring Clarissa to the beach
4) Clarissa has fun
5) Hubs has a good break
6) I have some nuah time
7) Go for massage

Pretty much accomplished, except the reading part. πŸ˜…


Baby asleep, bottles washed and lights out. 😁
We are heading back tomorrow morning. This feels like a 2D2N trip instead of a 4D3N. πŸ˜…

The hubs had some windsurfing fun in the afternoon while I stayed in with little boss, who very adorably rolled away from the human mattress to sleep on her own.

We headed out for some drinks at the bar before going to The Deck for a seafood cuisine, fine-dining kind of dinner.
This is included in the package, but requires reservation.
So of course we went. πŸ˜…

I have not taken any pictures of food on this trip, except for this one.

Almost every meal time involves me feeding little boss while the hubs eats, and him entertaining her while I eat.
Where got time for food pictures when sometimes I am not even sure about what I'm eating? πŸ˜…

And very recently, during this trip, little boss has suddenly found it fun to stand on the high chair instead of sitting in it like most babies do.

I'd have let her stand all she wants, but the chair isn't called a high one for nothing.

Despite our stern warning and scolding she simply refuses to sit.

So our fine dining experience turned out to be her sitting / climbing / standing / rolling in between us while we both ate with one hand.

The food was decent, I suppose.
Hehe and we ordered fries and nuggets for the kid because they asked if we wanted a kids meal for little boss.
I said, "Sure! Thank you!"
While the hubs looked at me skeptically.

After the waiter left, I told him I thought he would be hungry since it's "fine" dining.. so the nuggets and fries were really for us. πŸ˜…

I knew it!

Said the hubs.

Aiyah must make the money worth it right? πŸ˜‚

The hubs had 2 prawns for his main course while I had a few scallops.
See? We needed the nuggets and fries.

The overall experienced was fine, dining for us.
Very difficult to sit down and savour the food with a squirming baby.
I think the chef would be very upset with us if he saw how we ate.😯

We finished a four course dinner in less than an hour, beat that.

I got back to the room with little boss while the hubs went for his massage appointment.

Tried watching 101 Dalmatians with her but I ended up watching it myself because she was busy playing with random stuff and singing to herself.

She was signaling for milk after the hubs got back. But he was in the shower so I had to put her down somewhere safe while I made the milk.

She refused to go into the cot so I negotiated with her.

Either she stands in the cot or she sits down in the middle of the bed and doesn't move while I make the milk.
Or no milk at all.

I tried to put her in the cot again but she clung back onto me.

"Ok, so you want to sit on the bed and don't move?" I asked her while putting her back onto the bed.

I have not seen her sit so still before. πŸ˜…
While making milk, I kept looking at her and telling her "Don't move!" While she stared back at me with that innocent "I'm not moving, Mommy!" face.

The hubs came out of the shower while she was drinking her milk, and asked me, "How did you manage to do that?"

I almost flipped my hair and said, "ooh I just did!"

So I guess our girl not only understands our instructions but is also choosing whether to listen to us or not.
When she wants milk, ok she'll sit still.
When she wants to stand on the high chair, well, she'll stand on the high chair. πŸ˜…

The hubs says, "Wah luckily her voice is the sweet and high-pitched kind when she says 'Baba!' so I'd be like ok lah ok lah let you win." [Shows *heart melts* face]

"But if it's the deep and low kind like 'BABA', I'd just tell her NO LOR." πŸ˜‚

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